SharePoint 2013 JavaScript OM & REST API Limitation with Anonymous Sites

15. February 2013

If you plan on using the JavaScript Object Model or REST API in SharePoint 2013 sites with anonymous access, you should be aware that there is currently no way to elevate permissions.  Anonymous access users can only receive "read" permissions, so any type of write operation is blocked.

Don't remove this DIV tag in 2013 Master Pages

13. February 2013

When working with SharePoint 2013 master pages in the design manager, the master page is designed utilizing an HTML file.  This HTML file contains commented out markup representing the code necessary for the .NET framework to render the page.

Recently while working with the HTML file in Adobe Dreamweaver, I found that some of the DIV tags that are NOT commented out are actually important in the final rendering of the page.  In particular, I found that if you remove the

<div id="s4-workspace">

<div id="s4-bodyContainer">

<div class="B-container">




containers, the SharePoint-generated vertical scroll bar will disappear on the page, leaving no way to scroll up or down.  

The important lesson here is that you must be diligent in selecting what you delete when designing master pages, page layouts and display templates in SharePoint 2013!